Finding the Right ADHD tutor for your child

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I’d like to high five all the parents that have taken the time and energy to find resources to meet their child’s social, mental and emotional needs.  You could have ignored it, or said you were too busy… but NO… you understand that the investment in your child’s well-being in these early years will effect later adult years.  Now that you’ve been able to find resources to tackle some of those social and emotional issues, you can focus on your child’s academic success.  Did you know that children who struggle emotionally may be compromised academically as well?  Without the right resources to help them excel, they can fall behind which can have adverse effects both academically and emotionally.


Children with ADHD can have unique challenges within the school system. If you are considering tutoring for a child who has ADHD, it requires the ADHD tutor have particular expertise on the challenges that present with a diagnosis of ADHD.  Researchers suggest that children with ADHD have particular learning difficulties especially in their younger years, and some adolescents may under-perform as they become adults. Some children may also have learning difficulties in math, reading and writing which could interfere with their learning potential.

Part of these difficulties stem from the fact that children with ADHD have difficulties with inattention, impulsivity, conduct problems, oppositional problems, and symptoms of anxiety. An ADHD tutor must exemplify a deeper understanding of these matters in order to effectively help your child. Not any ordinary tutor will do!

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A tutor may be the right way to go, but there are a lot of things to consider. Some obstacles with an ADHD diagnosis that can interfere with the academic success of your child may include:

 Irritability caused by negative sleep patterns
 Lack of routine
 Not teaching according to the learning style of the child

 Authoritarian discussions
 Negative communication
 Not regulating his or her emotions well.
 Anxiety symptoms


At Positive Kids, we help match your child’s learning needs to the right ADHD tutor.  We run a holistic system that aims to help your child be the best they can be. Our ADHD tutors are trained with the unique understanding of the ADHD condition and all the issues it presents.  They are patient, empathic but most of all “ADHD knowledgeable”. If you are looking for an ADHD tutor for your child, – don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help. For more information on ADHD tutoring, call us at 1-866-503-7454.

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