Our training is founded on evidence based research which promotes and supports the development of emotional, cognitive and behavioral skills in young people. The modalities we follow include ideas and theories from CBT, EFT, Behaviorism, Psychoanalysis and Psycho- Education.  We have skillfully created a curriculum that is fun, challenging and life changing.

Our operational hours are between 9am–9pm Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Our classes are supervised by a Registered Psychotherapist and taught by Child and Youth workers or Early Childhood educators.  All our practitioners  have specialized training in Social- Emotional Skills for children.

You can mail or email your registration form or you can call toll free number  1-866-50EQ4-kids/ -1866-503-7454.

Our services are geared and targeted towards children  between the ages of 4 and 18.  For children below or adults above this age bracket, we can refer you to other resources that will be more helpful.

We are currently launching our first location in the Greater Toronto Area (Mississauga Ontario), but have plans to launch several locations in the near future.

Your child’s facilitator will provide monthly status reports as well as recommendations on how you can help your child improve or sustain gains made within the program.

We have programs that span  3 months, 6 months and 1-year in duration for the various needs of our students.

Yes, we do.  We offer various camps throughout the year.  Do check our website for updates and upcoming scheduled camps.

We have coaching and counselling services available for youth between the ages of  13-18 years.  These services can be convened through individual counselling or family counselling. Consult your Positive Kids provider for additional information on our Counselling services.

We refer clients over the age of 18 to our sister company Anger Management Resources Inc. who offer a program more  suitable for adults.

Yes, we offer various pricing plans depending on your needs and the duration of your program. Talk to your Positive Kids provider for further details on which plan would be a good fit for you

We work with children in various predicaments.  Some of our students have been diagnosed with some type of disorder and we are equipped and prepared for some of the challenges that present. When you register your child, our coordinator will do an intake to gather all the relevant data concerning your child’s psychological and physical history.  A thorough assessment will then be performed to make sure we consider all the factors that could impact your child’s ability to benefit from our program.

We call these teachable moments.   We work with your child to help them identify the problem they are experiencing and problem solve. The skills gained during these episodes will naturally generalize to occurrences outside the classroom and that is one of the benefits of Social-Emotional Classes.

Students engage in all types of activities including group work, role plays, case studies, meditation, reflection and a myriad of other exercises. For detailed information on our curriculum, ask your local Positive Kids provider.

Positive Kids was created as an educational platform to enhance emotional and social skills. Though traditionally, counseling was the only option available for families, we believe our revolutionary concept of offering these skills through a form of child therapy known as psycho-education will have a  greater impact on long-term change and development.

All our offices are privately owned by our corporate office though we do have plans to franchise at some point in the future.

Our plans are to open offices in various locations in the very near future. Check in often to see updates on new locations. At this time, we primarily operate in the Greater Toronto Area. Check out our Facebook page for the latest updates! 

In some cases, our facilitators and teachers may visit a home if it is warranted or requested by parents or caretakers.

If your child is utilizing counselling services, you may use your insurance coverage.

Yes, several individuals in our faculty are registered with the Ontario College of Psychotherapists and College of Psychologists and have a deep understanding of child therapy. 

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  • By Email –  Email us at info@positivekids.ca
  • By phone – Call us toll free at -1 866-503-7454. Our advisors will be happy to register you
  • By Online Registration-  Log onto online Registration

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Positive Kids is the first off site facility in Canada dedicated to working with parents and school systems to offer a curriculum for teaching Emotional Intelligence.