Professional Development Workshop for Educators

Professional Development Workshop for Educators

Are you a school looking to get your teachers and educators up to speed on best practices with respect to social and emotional development of children?  Positive Kids Inc offers interactive experiential half day or full day seminars dedicated to your staff  gain the necessary skills to combat social and emotional challenges in the classroom.

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Why Professional Development Workshops?

The impact of technology, changing family systems, and the overall fast pace of today’s world is having an impact on our children.  Undeniably, this has contributed to an increase in social and emotional deficits in children and ultimately their behavior and attitudes in the classroom.  Teacher and educators need the resources and tools to manage these challenges and we can help them.

A suitable learning environment is created when an educator is able to teach students that are focused and ready to learn. Sadly, this is not always the case as students can often have presenting concerns that make learning and teaching difficult. Common concerns your teachers may encounter from students include inability to focus, unable to get along with others and those prone to aggression and temper tantrums. Our workshops are geared to help educators become equipped with these challenges.  Our seminars are effective in providing teachers with hands-on techniques and strategies they can begin to apply immediately to resolve these issues in their classrooms.

Here are the Benefits for Teachers:

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Increased Self Awareness and Emotional Intelligence
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Reduction of teacher fatigue and burnout
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Recognition of at-risk students
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Renewed Self Confidence


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