Social Skills Group

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Social Skills Group

The Positive Kids Social Skills Group runs regularly throughout the school year. Our groups are designed to help children who struggle with social interactions and social intelligence and they consist of instruction and practice of targeted social skills.

Our sessions consist of video modeling, role-play, social coaching, skill practice, worksheets and exercises, games and more. At Positive Kids, we strive to identify innovative strategies to increase group members’ application of new skills outside of the group and to enhance the efficacy of our interventions.


The program is open to any child who has difficulty with social skills, such as:

• Making and keeping friends
• Appropriately responding to social cues and norms
• Use and practice of conversational skills
• Conflict resolution
• Coping with rejection of peers and being assertive
• Co-operating with others
• Managing interpersonal relationships
The group aims at building following skills:
• Sustaining friendships
• Improving self-esteem
• Being more responsible and empathetic
• Being able to express difficult feelings
• Navigating social situations successfully

Interacting with peers help children build social, reciprocal and communicative skills. Through social skills building they can learn active listening, interpreting body language, asking questions, taking turns and other skills that will help them feel comfortable in social.


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