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We offer our classes in various locations throughout Canada. To find out the closest location to you,  please call us at 1-866.503.7454.



Our curriculum consists of tackling various issues in the following three areas;

Emotional skills:

  1. Identifying and labeling feelings
  2. Expressing feelings
  3. Assessing the intensity of feelings
  4. Managing feelings
  5. Delaying gratification
  6. Controlling impulses
  7. Reducing stress
  8. Knowing the difference

Cognitive Skills:

  1. Self-talk – conducting inner dialogue
  2. Reading and interpreting social cues
  3. Using steps for problem solving and decision-making
  4. Planning and Focusing

Behavioral Skills:

  1. Nonverbal – communicating through the body, being aware of the messages one is giving and receiving.
  2. Verbal – making clear statements, responding appropriately, listening, empathetic responses, helping others, etc.

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