Summer Camps

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The most common benefits are below:

  • Boosts Self-esteem and builds character
  • Learns independence
  • Enthusiasm in adventure and exploration
  • Develops Leadership skills
  • Better social and friendship skills
  • Enhanced values and decisions making skills
  • Develops social comfort
  • Heightened spirituality
  • Improved problem solving skills
  • Increased environmental awareness
  • Adapts healthy living


Summer’s here! It’s that time for the most rich and memorable experience with our friends in summer camps. It’s time to re-unite with old friends and meet new ones, explore the outdoors and make new discoveries. It is that time to nourish your child’s mind, body, heart and soul with camp spirit and supplemental values. Camping has evolved over time, from simple outdoor activities and campfire share and sing-a-long gatherings to space and engineering camps. It has also evolved in providing not just the fun experience of the outdoors but it is now incorporated with in-depth study of socio-emotional factors, cognitive skills and educational activities that contributes to a child’s development physically, mentally and emotionally. It is also evident that children who are connected to the natural world have advantages in brain development and academic gain in the classroom. Camping is noted as one of the most effective mediums for children to connect with themselves, with peers and with the environment. Because of these factors it is proven to have contributed positive outcomes in a child’s life.


How valuable are Camps?

These positive outcomes of Summer Camps are valuable characteristics that your child can apply outside their camp life. For example, if your child faces a tough situation or decision in school or in life, they are able to learn life skills at the camp practice these skills in a safe environment and then apply it to their current situation. Campers are thought the power of reflective thinking and assertive behavior. The influence and strength of the learning children have at the Positive Kids Summer Camp will be invaluable –impacting them positively and indefinitely.

If you have never signed up your child for the Positive Kids summer camp it is the time to do so. There is a wide array of activities your child will be exposed to.  Among the traditional fun stuff children do at camp, we have also incorporated life skills that are instrumental to a child’s emotional and psychological wellbeing including; Leadership training, Emotional Regulation Skills, Social Skills and Relationship building and much more.  Tell us what you want your child to learn and we will accommodate your wishes.

Limited Spots available so call today!

The Positive Kids Summer camp runs in the summer after School break and runs for the entire summer. Contact your local Positive Kids provider to see if there is a camp in your area.

Our toll free number is 1-866-503-7454. Call to find more info about any upcoming Summer Camps.