ADHD Subject-Related Tutoring


ADHD Subject Tutoring Subject-related tutoring, often simply referred to as “subject tutoring” or “academic tutoring,” is a type of educational support where students receive individualized instruction and assistance in specific academic subjects. Subject tutoring is designed to help students improve their understanding, performance, and proficiency in a particular subject area.

Teaching children with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) subject related tutoring requires an understanding of the specific nuances and challenges associated with this neurodevelopmental condition. General tutors who are not familiar with the specific needs and nuances of ADHD children may indeed become frustrated or find it challenging to effectively teach and support these students. This frustration can arise from a lack of understanding about ADHD and its impact on learning, attention, and behavior.


Teaching ADHD kids effectively often involves using specialized tools and practices that differ from those used for the general population of children.

Visual Aids

Our tutors use visual cues and aids, such as charts, diagrams, and graphic organizers, can help ADHD children better understand and remember information. Visual representations can make abstract concepts more concrete and provide structure to their learning.

Sensory Tools

Our Tutors understand that ADHD children benefit from sensory tools like fidget spinners, stress balls, or textured objects. These tools can help channel excess energy and improve focus during learning activities..

Structured Environment

Positive Kids tutors create a structured and organized learning environment for ADHD children. Clear routines, visual schedules, and designated spaces for learning can reduce distractions and provide a sense of predictability.


Our tutors break lessons or tasks into smaller, manageable chunks. ADHD children can become overwhelmed by large amounts of information, so presenting content in smaller portions can improve comprehension and retention..

Explicit Instructions

Positive Kids tutors are explicit and clear when giving instructions. Use step-by-step guidance and check for the child’s comprehension..

Time Management Tools

Positive Kids tutors provide tools like timers, alarms, and digital calendars to help children with ADHD manage their time effectively and stay on track.


There are specials tools and practices that must be used when working
with a child with ADHD. Small sample below

Task Prioritization

Our tutors teach organizational skills and help the child prioritize tasks. Use checklists and visual cues to help them manage assignments and responsibilities.


Our tutors maintain open communication with parents, special education professionals, and school counselors to coordinate support and strategies for the child’s success


Our tutors are flexible and adaptive in their teaching approach. They recognize that what works best for one ADHD child may not work for another, so they are willing to adjust strategies as needed.

Positive Reinforcement

Our tutors use positive reinforcement, such as praise, rewards, and a token system, to motivate and encourage desired behaviors and efforts.

Movement Breaks

Our tutors allow short movement breaks during lessons to help children with ADHD release excess energy and maintain attention.

Active Learning

Our tutors Incorporate interactive and hands-on activities into lessons. Active participation can help ADHD children stay engaged and focused.




Language Arts


Foreign Languages

Arts and Music


“Positive Kids provides an exceptional and cutting-edge specialty that stands unrivaled in this field.”

Expertise in ADHD:

Positive Kids Tutors have a strong foundation in understanding ADHD as a neurodevelopmental disorder. They are knowledgeable about the latest research, diagnostic criteria, and evidence-based interventions related to ADHD.

Patience and Flexibility:

Positive Kids ADHD tutors understand that ADHD learners may require additional time and support to grasp concepts and complete tasks. They are patient, flexible, and willing to adapt their teaching methods as needed.

Specialized Training:

Positive Kids ADHD tutors receive specialized training in teaching strategies and interventions tailored to ADHD learners. This training equips them with tools to address the unique challenges faced by their students.

Behavioral Support:

Positive Kids Tutors are equipped to provide behavioral support and teach self-regulation skills to help students manage impulsivity, frustration, and emotional challenges.


Positive Kids ADHD tutors also serve as advocates for their students, helping them access appropriate accommodations and resources within educational settings

Sensory Considerations:

Some kids with ADHD have sensory sensibilities. Positive Kidstutors create environments that minimizes distractions and sensory overload that allows for better focus