Managing Behaviors of Children with ADHD

The ADHD Experience Raising a child with ​ADHD​is very different than raising a typical child. Regular rule-making and household routines can become almost impossible, depending on the type and severity of your child’s symptoms, so you’ll need to learn and implement different approaches for ADHD behaviors. It can be very difficult to cope with some […]

ADHD MEDICATION! To medicate or NOT to medicate

IS THERE A RIGHT ANSWER? This question seems to be at the forefront of the ADHD debate.  Parents are torn between possibly medicating a young child- predisposing them to a lifelong sentence  of dependency vs. allowing the child to navigate through life with their  natural wiring which potentially  yields potential lifelong  judgement , rejection and […]

Behavioural Parent Training

Behavioural Parent Training It’s ironic that parents of children who have behavioural issues get blamed for bad behaviour while parents of children who are well behaved take the glory. If indeed, the behavioural issues that stem from ADHD are caused by the parents, how come in more cases than not, there are siblings who don’t […]