Effects of Parental Conflict
Parental Conflict and its Effects on Kids

By Fatima Malik At what age are kids affected by parental conflict? Kids start showing distress due to parental conflict as early as six months. They can react with fear, anxiety, anger and sadness. Kids witnessing parental conflict are at a higher risk of experiencing various health problems, disturbed sleep, and difficulty focusing and succeeding […]

Social Skills Training for ADHD
Advantages of social skills training for kids with ADHD

By Fatima Malik In social situations, some people naturally know how to read social cues and act accordingly, like when to speak up and when to listen. However, a kid with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) may struggle with social situations; they may find it challenging to make and keep friends because of their brain’s […]

Parenting with Patience

It happen to be best of Us. How often as parents do we lose our minds, have a fit, say all types of things and act all type of ways only to regret it soon after.  We know we ought to have patience with our kids, but in the moment, it’s so difficult. What does […]

Managing Behaviors of Children with ADHD

The ADHD Experience Raising a child with ​ADHD​is very different than raising a typical child. Regular rule-making and household routines can become almost impossible, depending on the type and severity of your child’s symptoms, so you’ll need to learn and implement different approaches for ADHD behaviors. It can be very difficult to cope with some […]

Why it’s important to believe in your child

The Power of that little Voice Little Mike kneels down to tie his shoe laces.  And as he raises his head and starts what seems to be the long walk to take position to bat, his mind starts a vicious attack on his self-esteem “You can’t do it…. Remember how you struck out last time”. […]

The 3 Anger Styles in Children

Anger is learned. Let me rephrase that. The behaviours we exhibit when we are angry are learned.  When you look at your children, there is a high likelihood that their behaviours when angry resemble either you or your spouse’s behaviour when you’re angry. If you don’t see it at first glance, take a closer look! […]

How much is too much Back Talk?

There was a time way back when that if you even looked at your mom or dad the wrong way, there were serious repercussions.  Some would say that nowadays, children are getting away with saying just about anything.   We’re told as parents to let children express themselves and to treat them like equals.  The question […]

Behavioural Parent Training

Behavioural Parent Training It’s ironic that parents of children who have behavioural issues get blamed for bad behaviour while parents of children who are well behaved take the glory. If indeed, the behavioural issues that stem from ADHD are caused by the parents, how come in more cases than not, there are siblings who don’t […]