Anger Management

How to Prevent A Cyber Bully at Your New School

How to Prevent A Cyber Bully at Your New School Bullying has taken on a new form since  our generation, and with social media, memes, gifs, and photo editing apps it’s never been easier to be bullied online. Cyberbullying is a dangerous side effect of social media, adding yet another obstacle to navigate in the […]

The 3 Anger Styles in Children

Anger is learned. Let me rephrase that. The behaviours we exhibit when we are angry are learned.  When you look at your children, there is a high likelihood that their behaviours when angry resemble either you or your spouse’s behaviour when you’re angry. If you don’t see it at first glance, take a closer look! […]

My child was fighting at school!

THE CALL Well.. This is a tough one.  We all know what the politically correct thing to say is but …Is it that big a deal and should your child be disciplined for it? Each year, many parents have to grapple through  the phone call where the principal or teacher starts to diarize what transpired  […]