Therapy as ADHD Treatment for Children

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Therapy as ADHD Treatment for Children

There are many treatment choices for ADHD for children. They can be given medications, as well as dietary modifications and supplementation. Each case is different, as every child’s needs are unique. One of the most effective ways to manage ADHD for children is through therapy.

Types of Therapy as ADHD Treatment for Children

Aside from pharmacological intervention, there are a variety of therapies that can help families manage and treat ADHD for children, teens, and even adults. Here are some of the types of therapies that can be used:


This form of therapy encourages the child and his family to openly talk about ADHD and what effects it causes to their lives. It can help the individual and those who care for him make sense of the condition and how it affects them, which can help them cope with it in a healthier manner.

Behavioral Therapy

ADHD for children
One of the most effective ways to manage ADHD for children is through therapy.

This form of therapy gives the parents or other caregivers much needed support. It can also involve relatives, friends, and even teachers. Here, the participant will learn about behavior management, where the child will be treated with a “rewards system” that can help encourage the child to control their behavior.

For parents, behavioral therapy involves identifying the kinds of positive behavior that you should encourage (for example, being able to sit properly at the dinner table until the meal is done). Even a small reward for this good behavior can help. At the same time, you should watch for poor behavior and implement the removal of a certain privilege when it is practiced.

At school, teachers can learn how to better plan and outline their activities, giving proper encouragement and praise for the kids when they accomplish some progress, be it big or small.

Parent Training

There are specific training and education programs for parents where moms and dads are taught about particular ways to talk, play, and work with their children to help improve behavior and attention. Typically, the programs consist of a group of about ten parents, who will meet in for about 10 sessions or more, for a couple of hours each time.

Participating in these will not only teach you more about ways to manage your child’s behavior but will also boost your confidence in your ability to deal with your child and improve your relationship. To learn more about parent education and training, feel free to drop by at our Canada offices or give us a call. We are more than willing to answer your queries. By seeking professional help from Positive Kids, you can improve your understanding and abilities to manage the effects of ADHD on your child and your family.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is one of the most popular and common forms of therapy used in assisting families manage problems associated with ADHD for children and other behavioral conditions. It is primarily a “talking therapy” that helps the individual change the way he processes his thoughts and – consequently – his actions.

At Positive Kids, our CBT therapists will try to help modify your child’s feelings towards certain situations, which can potentially affect his behavior positively. We do both individual and group therapy sessions, depending on your particular needs.

Parent Resource on Other Forms of Therapy as ADHD Treatment for Children

NHS Choices gives a helpful rundown of other treatment alternatives used in ADHD for children.