Tips for Parents of Children Diagnosed with ADHD

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Tips for Parents of Children Diagnosed with ADHD

Finding the patience and willpower to manage the symptoms of ADHD in children can be exhausting for many parents. No matter how much you love and care for your little ones, there comes a point where it all just seems like too much. Tips for parents of children diagnosed with ADHD are a big help in dealing with ADHD at home.

Parenting Tips: Dealing with ADHD for Children

Here are a few ways that can help with your child’s behavior:

– Follow a routine. Make sure your kids follow the same schedule from the moment they wake up until it’s time for bed, every day.

– Be organized. Act as a role model and encourage your child to put his belongings (books, clothes, toys) back to their right spot, in the same place, every day. This will also help lower the chances of losing stuff every so often.

– Minimize distractions. Try to limit the noise in the house. Turn off the TV whenever possible. When the child is doing school work, give him a quiet and clean space to do so. Each child is unique. Kids with ADHD are, too. Some are productive if they have some background music. Others perform well if they are moving. Observe your child to learn what works best for him.

– Avoid overwhelming him with choices. Giving a child choices is a good way to give him a sense of control and independence. However, it is best to limit these choices to avoid getting him overwhelmed and overstimulated, which is a risk in ADHD for children. Let him choose his outfit for the day, or what snacks he’ll be having, but limit the options to two or three.

– Simplify things. Help your child as he plans his activities for the day. If there are complex tasks, break them down into smaller and simpler ones. If there are important but long ones, let him start early and give him ample breaks to minimize stress on his part.

– Give your child a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This includes regular exercise, proper nourishment, and enough sleep every day. These will not just keep him healthy, but they will also manage the symptoms of ADHD for children from exacerbating.

– Have a system for goals, praise, and rewards. Have a chart and list down your child’s goals. This can help you and him visually track his positive behaviors. He’ll see when he’s doing well, and if he does, be sure that you verbally reassure him of his efforts. Provide some form of reward. Always be realistic when it comes to both goals and rewards, though. Take baby steps as much as you can.

Moms, Dads: Helpful ADHD Resources for Your Children

Find out if your child is eligible for special accommodations or services at his school, as determined by the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA) and an anti-discrimination law known as Section 504.

Do you need help dealing with ADHD at home? If you suspect that your child has the condition, but has not yet been diagnosed properly, it is best to contact a licensed therapist near you.

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