How can I help my child see the upside of pain? By the Child Therapist Toronto

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Children pick up messages about pain very early in life. They know it doesn’t feel good but they need to quickly understand its value and purpose. Parents and caregivers are a child’s earliest teachers about what to do when they feel hurt- physically, emotionally, or psychologically. When the lessons about pain are internalized, they will be able to generalize the skills and attitudes to overcome future pain faster and with less collateral damage.

How can I help my child see the upside of pain? By a Child Therapist in Toronto

Pain is a natural part of life, and your child feels it when they fall off their bike, someone calls them a name, or they see Mom and Dad fighting.  However, athletes and mature leaders know the phrase “No pain, No gain”. And as mental health practitioners trained in child therapy we understand some true benefits of pain including:

  • A struggle is necessary to produce strength;
  • Pain can be a warning to us that something may not be right;
  • Pain provides an impetus to learn, grow, and improve our skills;
  • Pain builds the stamina which carries us through future tough times.  It reminds us that we will survive;
  • Pain reminds us to avoid and not participate in bad behaviors;
  • Pain can bring positive change;
  • Pain reminds us that we need help, we need a team;
  • Pain brings clarity;
  • Pain gives us wisdom because it is often best understood by looking backward;
  • Pain brings us together because it is part of everyone’s story No one is immune;
  • Pain increases your capacity and patience;
  • Pain gives you a greater appreciation for positive relationships;
  • Pain will one day allow you to comfort others who are going through similar experiences;
  • Pain gives us balance and reminds us of what is really important;
  • Pain points us toward God and the need to rely on Him.

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