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ADHD MEDICATION! To medicate or NOT to medicate

IS THERE A RIGHT ANSWER? This question seems to be at the forefront of the ADHD debate.  Parents are torn between possibly medicating a young child- predisposing them to a lifelong sentence  of dependency vs. allowing the child to navigate through life with their  natural wiring which potentially  yields potential lifelong  judgement , rejection and […]

Therapy as ADHD Treatment for Children

Therapy as ADHD Treatment for Children There are many treatment choices for ADHD for children. They can be given medications, as well as dietary modifications and supplementation. Each case is different, as every child’s needs are unique. One of the most effective ways to manage ADHD for children is through therapy. Types of Therapy as ADHD […]

Common Myths about ADHD for Children

Common Myths about ADHD for Children We all know or have children who forget things every now and then. You, too, have probably forgotten about a coming exam or homework at school. You have spent some time daydreaming during class. Even adults get uncomfortable in certain situations and can’t wait to do something else. However, […]