What is an Educational Counsellor?

What is Educational Therapy or Educational Counselling? So, here you are. You’ve got a child who struggles with academics but underneath these difficulties are some real psychological or neurobiological deficits.  Without sounding too technical, if your child has been diagnosed with ADHD or a learning disorder- you may need a professional who has an understanding […]

What an ADHD Diagnosis Means for Your family.

The Moment Having a child wasn’t supposed to be so difficult.   I suppose these may be the thoughts” of many parents as they walk out the pediatrician’s office with the official “ADHD diagnosis”.  “What will this mean for our family…. what do we now …. Can we afford to get help for our child?  These […]

How to deal with guilt after Losing Control!

It’s a slow stressful Wednesday and work was full of backed up paperwork and a stressed out boss. You start to look forward to the quiet drive on the way to picking up your kids, but you get caught in traffic. Trigger 1! Almost 5 minutes late picking up your three children from school and […]

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How to Prevent A Cyber Bully at Your New School

Bullying has taken on a new form since  our generation, and with social media, memes, gifs, and photo editing apps it’s never been easier to be bullied online. Cyberbullying is a dangerous side effect of social media, adding yet another obstacle to navigate in the already complex life of a teenager. While  young people can […]