What is a Psycho-educational Assessment?

  • A Psychoeducational assessment provides a greater representation of a client’s intellectual/cognitive abilities and educational achievement levels. It also provides professional recommendations relevant for effective educational planning. The data collected is compiled from accessing background information, educational history and records, resultsfrom intelligence tests and educational achievement as well as ratings tests of attention, behavior/emotions, and adaptive behavior. Positive Kids offer psycho-educational assessment to help children in need. 
  • Psychoeducational assessment is designed to help parents and educators answer the following questions;
  1. Does the child have a learning disability(ies)?
  2. What are the child’s academic and cognitive abilities, strengths, and weaknesses?
  3. What are appropriate educational recommendation/accommodations that will support the child’s learning journey.

  • While emotional problems are not the focus of apsychoeducational assessment, certain behavior/emotionalissues may need to be addressed in the process if it will benefit the child’s progress. The assessment may or may not include the following items:
  1. Clinical interview –a question/answer session to gather relevant data
  2. Administration of standardized assessment instruments
  3. A follow up meeting to explain the assessment findings
  4. A written report that integrates all these pieces as well as a clinical impression by the administrator.
  5. Discussions to evaluate strategies to support your child are learning and enhancetheir achievement.
  • If a diagnosis is concluded, the necessary steps are taken to accommodate and support the child’s and his/her program requirements.The assessment is used for various purposes such as gaining access extra supports at school, having an individual program developed with accommodations or modifications to curriculum, applying for academic accommodations and much more. Positive Kids can help you gain access to these Psycho educational reports
  • If you suspect that your child may require a psycho-educational assessment as a result of their struggle with reading, math, attention or focusetc., then Call Positive Kids to speak to a Psycho-educational consultant.
  • The benefits of a psycho-educational assessment are invaluable as itwill support your child all throughout their schooling years. With a formal diagnosis, your child can get the help needed to reduce barriers to learning and improve their learning potential in elementary, secondary and even post-secondary education.
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