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Welcome to Positive Kids –  the first off-site facility in Canada dedicated to working with parents and school systems to provide a comprehensive curriculum for teaching social and emotional skills. We are the best provider of child therapy Toronto services in our area. A new study recently revealed that students who took part in training for social emotional skills benefited in multiple ways. These children, when compared to other children who did not participate in SEL training, improved significantly in social and emotional skills, social and classroom behavior, emotional distress such as stress and depression, conduct problems such as classroom misbehavior and aggression and attitudes about themselves, others and school.

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At Positive Kids, we have introduced a revolutionary concept, created by experts in the field of emotional intelligence. We provide a private and affordable supplement to your child’s academic curriculum which focuses on building and developing social and emotional skills through efficient methods of child therapy Toronto. Our program produces measurable results in children from a multitude of different backgrounds. Through our child therapy Toronto services, children become more competent in the following areas: self-control, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making. Because of these improvements, these children ultimately become independent, confident, inquisitive, enthusiastic, responsible and compassionate adults in their later years.

Child Therapy Toronto Positive Kids

While these improvements are bound to assist in child development, we believe that these skills should be taught and implemented in the early developmental years so that they will have a more profound impact on personality. That is why we start teaching the children that we work with as early as 4 years of age. Our staff includes of psychologists, psychotherapists, child and youth workers, as well other education professionals who have joined together to create this life-changing opportunity of comprehensive child therapy Toronto. At Positive Kids, we are loved by both parents and students alike. We believe Positive Kids can make an encouraging difference in the life of your child.

Call us today for a consultation to see whether our program would be a good fit for your precious little one. One of our professionals will contact you and discuss some of our child therapy Toronto programs. Our comprehensive programs are designed to greatly benefit your child’s development. These include:

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The youngest of our learners benefit the most as they are coached in a helpful variety of skills and techniques such as our self- awareness exercises, self –expression, social -recognition of cues and executive-function skills. These tools will help them pay attention, recall instructions & directions as well control their conduct.

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The students that we work with in middle school work to develop their social-emotional skills— these include dealing with emotions, making decisions, solving problems, and developing assertiveness skills to prepare them for social success and academic readiness for the challenges associated with high-school.

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With high-schoolers, our team strives to give them the tools for navigating adolescence with skills in communication, anger management, decision-making, coping and tolerance, as well as any additional social and emotional tools that they may need. These skills will assist them in making sound choices and avoiding pitfalls.