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Child ADHD Therapy Treatment in Kitchener

The objective of Positive Kids Social and Emotional Skills training is to give children the tools to understand, manage and regulate emotions.   A child’s ability to effectively manage his/her emotions results in greater self-control, increased social sensitivity and greater academic potential.

Neuroscience shows that stress, anxiety and fear markedly shut down the frontal lobes of the brain (learning, memory and higher order thinking).  Our curriculum gives children the skills to regulate their own emotions to achieve positive emotional balance, allowing a focus on learning.  Our tools help a child regulate through body awareness, emotional intelligence, mental attitude, empathy and the development of interpersonal skills.

For this reason, when a child is given a diagnosis of ADHD, it isn’t always wise to opt for medication without trying a psycho-educational program such as the one offered by Positive Kids Inc, where an ADHD therapist in Kitchener ” can assist. There are other modes of treatment that are effective with aiding children in increasing their attention span, controlling negative impulses and curbing hyperactivity. These include a holistic approach: getting well-balanced meals, enough physical play and exercise, and becoming better social beings.

All of these form part of a proper treatment plan for ADHD, which extends to showing better school performance and a reduced sense of frustration and stress. Medications are merely tools – they are not the cure. They only become most effective if used with other adjunct treatments which address the underlying behavioral and emotional issues. At positive Kids, A specialized  ADHD therapist in Kitchener ” will provide your child with the tools they needs.


 We also provide parents with parenting tools and resources to help the entire family system. Parents are the natural role models for their children. Your child’s ADHD therapist in Kitchener ”  will work with you, update you on best practices for managing ADHD at home by including insight into diet, exercise, and daily activities. This means that apart from therapy and medication, treatment for children’s ADHD in Kitchener “begins at your home.

Living with a child with ADHD is challenging.  At postive kids, we understand that. Our group format and our curriculum is designed specifically for the needs of a child that struggles with ADHD . If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD and you are looking for solutions besides medication, give us a call and  speak to one of our coordinators.  You’ll be glad you did!

We are the best provider of ADHD treatment for children in Kitchener

Positive Kids is the Best Child ADHD Therapist in KITCHENER”

How our program works..

Your child’s ADHD  in therapist in Kitchener ”  delivers our curriculum with individual children or within groups of 2, 3 or 4. The goal of our groups is to simulate social settings where children can learn experientially  through practice, role play and discussion.  The sessions are held weekly and are one hour in length for up to 8 weeks.  We believe the opportunity for children to learn with and among their peers is the most instrumental catalyst in bringing about lasting change. Ultimately, the tools acquired through these hands-on sessions are generalized into other settings such as school and at home.

Once a child is formally registered into our program, they complete an assessment that provides insight into:

  • The current challenges the child is facing
  • What type of group would best suit the child?
  • What type of learning skills should be included in their customized curriculum?

The child is then placed on our roster of children ready to be paired with a new or existing group.  At which point, the child is referred to an ADHD therapist or ADHD counsellor for counselling/therapy.

Customized counselling curriculum for your Child with  ADHD  in Kitchener”

Positive Kids customizes a program for your child based on the results of his/her assessment.  Your child’s ADHD counsellor will  use the following to reach treatment goals;

Each session is comprised of one, some or all the following

  • Video
  • Worksheets
  • Talk Therapy
  • Group Discussion
  • Role Play
  • Other activity

The key to ADHD counselling is patience. Improvement of your child’s symptoms will not happen overnight, but it will happen.  Working with  your child’s ADHD counsellor to incorporate what he/she learns in our program with the happenings at home can only benefit your child.  Practice, practice and practice is our moto!

Call today to see if Positive Kids is a good alternative for your child’s ADHD needs!

We are the best provider of ADHD treatment for children in Kitchener .