Best Child ADHD Counselling in South Granville

Best Child ADHD Counselling in South Granville.

Contrary to popular belief, the right treatment for a child with ADHD is not medication alone. In fact medication without cognitive, behavioral and social skills training produces little effect.  A good child pediatrician or child psychologist will always suggest you to seek out Child ADHD Counselling in South Granville and ADHD social groups for your child.  Medication is definitely useful in some aspects in terms of slowing down and chemically altering the physiological aspects of the brain. However, once the brain has slowed down, parents will be confronted with a lot of “How to” questions.

  • How to help a Child with ADHD problem solve?
  • How to help a Child with ADHD gain social skills and interact with others?
  • How to help a Child with ADHD gain self-regulation when confronted with stress and frustration?
  • How to help a Child with ADHD build better lifestyle habits to manage ADHD?


Child ADHD Counselling in South Granville

These are the real problems underlying the ADHD condition. With Positive Kids Child ADHD Counselling in South Granville, children are taught to make the connection between thoughts, feelings and actions. Our programs are taught in a psycho-educational format which means- we teach children about the condition itself, and provide them tools on how to navigate successfully through the challenges ADHD presents.  We empower them and teach them they are not victims but stewards to behold the tools to overcome any obstacle presented by ADHD.

The Positive Kids Child ADHD Counselling in South Granville, encourages that our treatment be supported with other helpful habits such getting well-balanced meals, getting enough physical play and exercise, better sleeping habits as we believe it is a holistic approach that is most effective in combating ADHD.

At the end of our Child ADHD Counselling in South Granville, we expect to see a child showing better school performance and a reduced sense of frustration and stress, better interpersonal skills, increased self-control etc.  Medication working along the ADHD counselling and Life style changes can result in great success.

Modeling Behavior to a  Child with ADHD

Parents are key contributors to how a child learns to manage problems. If parents lose control quite easily, are temperamental or have an indifference towards problems, children naturally pick up on those dysfunctional responses to problem solving.  The impact will be a poor copycat interpretation that is magnified and strengthened by the ADHD Condition.  WARNING:  if you are a parent of a child with ADHD it is critical to model problem solving techniques to your child. Even if you want to lose control,  be tempted to walk away and stomp  your feet out of frustration or to throw your hands up  in the air indicating you’ve given up, think again and know that  children are like sponges soaking in everything you do and don’t do. Modeling can be a positive reinforce of healthy behavior only if parents can learn to contain their own behaviors otherwise they simply copy what you do and then y you can’t blame them. A critical part of our Child ADHD Counselling in South Granville, is practicing role play. Children get to act out best practices as taught by our ADHD counsellors. Children get to watch videos of other children playing out different scenarios in a myriad of different situations. When children see healthy behaviors enacted by others,   they have a benchmark where they can recognize if they have fallen short. .  While we encourage parents to try their best to model positive behavior we recognize life happens.  Children registered in our programs get to see it modelled through our curriculum through videos and role play


We are the best provider of Child ADHD Counselling in South Granville,

Positive Kids has the best Child ADHD Counselling in South Granville,

Behavioral Therapy in ADHD Counselling

Behavioral therapy has proven to be extremely effective in treating ADHD.  Child ADHD Counselling in South Granville, includes behavioral therapy, as well as CBT and EFT therapy. Our behavioral component includes reinforcing positive behaviors with praise and reward, as well reducing negative behaviors with consequences and by setting limits. The concept is that you encourage new, better behavior by rewarding the child’s struggles towards positive change. For instance, if a hyperactive child is able to raise his hand in class before talking, praise him and recognize the effort on his part. Our ADHD counsellors will work with parents to suggest some great behavioral exercises that they can practice at home. Our ADHD counsellors believe in working with the family system and that every individual must be part of the bigger picture.


CBT therapy in Child ADHD Counselling in South Granville,

Our ADHD counsellors also utilize a therapy called CBT which stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The underlying premise of this therapy is that” what we think affects how we feel” Thus if a child is struggling emotionally or socially they can help themselves by altering their thought process. This is something that has to be taught to them as they are not given this understanding in schools and most parents aren’t quite knowledgeable themselves about this therapy.  When children start to respond to their own thoughts through self-talk and disputation, mental habits are sealed that can become a way of life for these children. For children who struggle with ADHD, this is extremely helpful for an overactive mind, a negative mind, or an aggressive mind.  Children will feel empowered once they can utilize these skills to feel better and ultimately behave better simply as a result of changing their thought processes.

We are the best provider of Child ADHD Counselling in South Granville,.

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