ADHD Parenting classes  in Erin


Parenting a child who struggles with ADHD  and other social-emotional challenges can be difficult and challenging, but as a parent, there is a lot you can do to make the journey manageable and even enjoyable.  ADHD left unmanaged can make those early childhood years a dread, rather than the enjoyable experience most of us want to have. Positive Kids offers ADHD Parenting classes in Erin.

Positive Kids specializes primarily in helping parents develop the “right” behavior plan as well as support with ongoing challenges that may surface as a result of the ADHD condition.

The future is bleak without medication and proper behavior management. The prognosis – is that symptoms will  most likely get worse-possibly leading to more serious diagnoses such as ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) and CD-Conduct Disorder-which no parent wants. BELIEVE ME!

We are the best provider of ADHD parenting classes in Erin.

Our ADHD parenting classes  in Erin will Cover areas such as:

  • Behavioral Management/Emotional Regulation
  • Self Control as a Parent
  • Medication- Yes or No
  • How to help your child thrive in School
  • Helping your child with Social Skills
  • Being on the same page as parents and as a Family

What we do!

Positive Kids offers to parents to families with children diagnosed with ADHD.  There are clearly tools and strategies that work and others that don’t work. If you would like to explore parenting with Positive Kids, please call us at 866-503-7454.

We are the best provider of ADHD parenting classes in Erin, Ontario