The importance of Social and Emotional Skills!

  • Positive Kids specializes in helping children acquire social and emotional skills. Our children span from every day kids to children who may have special needs. Regardless of the challenge, our  Child counsellors and Child therapists are trained to offer both individual and group counselling to help children:
  1. Understand and Label their Emotions
  2. Regulate their Emotions
  3. Manage their emotions
  • This results in increased self -control for children who may be sensitive, temperamental or going through a difficult season in life. Parents benefit by working with counsellors to establish treatment goals, execute strategies approved by the Child counsellor or Child therapist, and gain insight through session notes and various parent workshops offered throughout the year

Our Approach

  • We use a psycho-educational approach which is just a fancy way of saying we teach children about themselves. We help them gain a greater understanding of how they are wired and how their emotional patterns get in the way of good relationships and academics. We get them to buy into the benefits of having self-control and emotional regulation such as great friends, respect from others and success in all areas including school, social settings and relationships.

Our Advice to You as a Parent

  • All children are different and you can’t paint them all with the same brush. Though a child may initially present with emotional and social challenges, with the right tools and resources they can excel and surpass their peers. Be Patient and have faith that working with an organization like Positive Kids can yield great results!

What’s your next step?

  • We have Childcounsellors and Child therapists ready and willing to work with your child. Call us today for a free phone consultation.