The Emerging need for Child Counsellors and Child Therapists in Toronto


Reality Check

With the variety of emotional and social challenges faced by children in this generation, the response of the powers that be has been to expand the pool of professional  Child Counsellors and Child Therapists  in Toronto to address issues like aggression, anxiety, social awkwardness, confidence issues, ADHD, ODD, etc.    Currently, research suggests that while children are getting smarter and smarter (higher IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ)is declining as children opt for  alternative sources of stimulation such as video games , social media, screen time.  These new trends have and continue to minimize the opportunities for real and genuine human engagement where we have traditionally learned about ourselves and each other.

Call for Help

Child Counsellors and Child Therapists in Toronto understand the importance of building strong social and emotional skills in the early years and are offering tools and services to respond to the threat of emotional and social illiteracy.  They also understand that emotional intelligence (EQ) is a higher predictor of later adult success that intellectual intelligence (IQ). As a result these professionals have answered the call to help this generation and to help children manage the inevitable difficulties that lay before them in the years to come.

Emerging Trends

Much has changed in the last 30 years. For example, parenting has new limitations forcing parents to seek alternative methods of discipline.  The surge of financial wealth and prosperity has caused the breakdown of families driving up feelings of loneliness and alienation of both children and their parents.  New tactics of childhood bullying has emerged with rise of online and   text bullying.  Greater freedom of expression through music, media, and movies –has given very young children access to information they may or may not be ready for.    All of this has taken a toll on the emotional and social well-being of our children. While some may say “society is just offering choice to this generation – it has the capacity to endanger the fragile minds of young people –who now have countless ways to author their own demise. Parents have to be one step ahead of their children in order to protect them from life and themselves.

Be Preventative not reactive

In this daring age,  Child Counsellors and Child Therapists in Toronto  are needed more than ever. Not just when crisis hits but to assist parents to be pro-active and preventative- in circumventing the likelihood that crisis does happen.  An organization like Positive Kids is designed specifically to target the building of social and emotional skills in children. As a parent, your job is to equip your child with the right tools and resources to navigate through life. This means paying attention, seeking help and supporting your child through problems.  Positive Kids offers child Counsellors and Child Therapists in Toronto to help children with the following;blank

  • Anger Management and Aggression
  • Confidence and Self Esteem Issues
  • Social Awkwardness and Social skills training
  • ADHD and ODD symptoms
  • Shyness,
  • Anxiety, Selective Mutism
  • Grief, Depression and Sadness
  • Parenting Issues and Difficulties
  • Bullying and Difficult Peer Relationships
  • Loneliness and Isolation

Positive Kids offers these services in the following formats

  • Individual Counselling
  • Group counselling for Kids and Parents
  • Remote Counselling
  • In Home Coaching
  • Workshops and Seminars

What do Child Counsellors and Child Therapists in Toronto do?

The role of a Child psychologists or Child psychotherapists in Toronto is to work with children in the area of mental, emotional, or social wellbeing.  Child psychologists and child psychotherapists can use a variety of methods in working with children including talk therapy, role playing, using videos, exercises and worksheets, meditation and yoga, games- with the sole purpose of increasing the child’s social and emotional skills.

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