Social Skills Groups in Clarington (Bowmanville – Newcastle)

Making new friends
Making new friends

Social Skills Groups in Clarington (Bowmanville – Newcastle)

Social skills groups are an effective therapy for helping children develop effective social interaction skills. Therapy groups in Clarington (Bowmanville – Newcastle) offer opportunities to observe social skills, practice using them, and receive feedback. Social skills groups are a great way to assist children who struggle with making friends, getting along with others, or ambivalent around social circles to practice doing what they fear.  The real world is scary and sometimes children don’t naturally have the skills to respond to peer rejection, or the boldness to approach social situations. It’s ok. That is the reason Positive Kids in Clarington (Bowmanville – Newcastle) has created a safe space, supervised by a professional – not to control but to direct and encourage taking safe risks in approaching others, maintaining friendships and making good choices around peers.


What is involved in social skills groups in Clarington (Bowmanville – Newcastle)?

Although the format can vary, groups generally consist of instruction and practice of targeted social skills. Social skills groups may also use video modeling, role-play, social coaching, and skill practice outside of the group sessions (i.e., “homework”). Additionally, parent training is often a key component in promoting social skills growth. At Positive Kids, we strive to identify innovative strategies to increase group members’ application of new skills outside of the group and to enhance the efficacy of
our interventions.  The social groups in Clarington (Bowmanville – Newcastle) usually happen once a week at a set time.  Group’s members may be assigned homework- to try at home or at school – based on the tools and skills learned within the group. The positive group model usually has a maximum of 4 kids so each child can get specialized attention in areas they can improve.

Who runs the social skills groups in Clarington (Bowmanville – Newcastle)?

At Positive Kids, our groups are led by registered social workers and psychotherapists and at times assisted by students in clinical placement so we can offer the opportunity for more comprehensive treatment of social needs.


Who can participate in social skills Groups in Clarington (Bowmanville – Newcastle)?

Our social skills group in Clarington (Bowmanville – Newcastle) program consists of a core set of therapy groups that target specific
age ranges and developmental levels. Groups are available for children ages 4 to 18 years.
To find out if your child could benefit from a social skills group in Clarington (Bowmanville – Newcastle), call us at 866-503-76454.