Child Psychologist in Dauphin Manitoba or Social Emotional Training Programs

Child Psychologist in Dauphin Manitoba or Social Emotional Training Programs

Formally, psychologists are professionals who work with individuals to identify problematic thought/emotional patterns that can manifest in various distressing symptoms. With respect to dauphinchildren, Child psychologists can diagnose, provide testing & assessments and may or may not engage in talk therapy.  For this reason, if you are seeking a Child Psychologist in Dauphin Manitoba for your child for any one of these reasons, it makes sense to do so.

When does it make sense?

However, if your child is struggling mentally, emotionally or behaviorally- but not to the extent where it warrants a serious diagnosis, there are some options available to parents.  Some common parental – child issues include aggression in children, self esteem issues, lack of assertiveness, shyness, decision making, problem solving, conflict management, social awkwardness. These are all issues that a Child Psychologist in Dauphin Manitoba  and  surrounding areas would deem as more appropriate for social and emotional training programs in Dauphin.  Social and emotional learning programs are psycho-educational in nature and provide a platform for children to share their challenges within a safe environment. It also provides opportunities to practice some of these skill sets among their peers.  Children who attend social and emotional programs end up being more self controlled, socially sensitive and overall productive beings even in school.

Ask the Right Questions!

Because children are still being developed both mentally or emotionally, many of the issues that present in childhood reflect simply not having or knowing the tools to use.While medication, has been an option for some parents, many prefer to wait until they’ve exhausted options like social and emotional training programs before making that decision.  If you are on the hunt for a  Child Psychologist in Dauphin ,  and surrounding areas, please be sure to ask yourself what services you are seeking and what issue you are trying to resolve. This will save you frustration as well as time and energy as you seek what is beneficial for your child.

Positive Kids is a provider for social and emotional training in Dauphin Manitoba. If you are looking for a Child Psychologist in Dauphin , child therapist, or child social worker, consider Positive kids as an effective alternative to your child therapy needs in Dauphin.   We offer both individual counselling and group counselling for your child’s therapy needs .

We deliver our curriculum with individual children or within groups of 2, 3 or 4. The goal of our groups is to simulate social settings where children can learn experientially through practice, role play and discussion.  The sessions are held weekly and are one hour in length for up to 8 weeks.  We believe the opportunity for children to learn with and among their peers is the most instrumental catalyst in bringing about lasting change. Ultimately, the tools acquired through these hands-on sessions are generalized into other settings such as school and at home. Call us to find a location near you.

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