ADHD Parenting Classes in Peterborough

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Ideally, all Mommies and Daddies would love problem-free parenting. However, when you have a child with ADHD, this isn’t always the case and the reality is that you need tools and strategies to navigate through some real challenges.  Parenting a child with ADHD in Peterborough takes on a whole different approach and many parents aren’t prepared for it causing them to miss out on the joy of parenthood.

We certainly don’t want to assert that ADHD is an excuse for challenging or poor behaviour. It does however offer a plausible explanation as to the reason certain children struggle academically, socially and emotionally at home and at school.  More and more households in Peterborough are recognizing the need for parenting classes and training in order to support children with ADHD.

Although ADHD is genetic neurobiological condition, we know that positive loving relationships with parents, peers and educators contribute greatly to the emotional development that underpins ‘intellectual development’.  Happier children are better learners, more confident and more resilient in the face of the inevitable challenges presented during childhood and adolescence.  Good or bad parenting as well as the atmosphere children grows up in significantly impacts a child with ADHD

ADHD is not a predictor of a child’s intelligence, it does however affect those skill sets that would cause them to thrive academically, social and emotionally.  In a child with ADHD, the skill sets such as attention, impulsivity, concentration among others are compromised.  Few children will grow out of ADHD and so without early parental intervention, these children will most likely struggle as adults in the area of mental health, employment, and relationships.

 ADHD Parenting Classes in Peterborough  

Positive Kids offers in-person as well as online ADHD parenting classes in Peterborough. Our Parenting workshops  are developed with you in mind.  You are an ideal candidate if you meet the following criteria;

  1. You are a parent
  2. Your child has a diagnosis if ADHD or has other behavioral problems
  3. You could use some direction or support on how to help your family
  4. You live in Peterborough 

Positive Kids parenting classes were made for you, especially if you’ve been struggling for years to find answers for your family. Call Positive Kids in your area of Peterborough 

Stop beating up on yourself. It`s a myth that bad parenting causes ADHD! However, good parenting can help you minimize its effects. Get the knowledge and guidance to help you as s parent.  During the ADHD Parenting class in Peterborough, you will learn parenting approaches and strategies that are effective for raising happier, more successful kids who happen to have ADHD and that you can do it as a parent!

What Happens in an ADHD Parenting Class in Peterborough?

We use a combination of PowerPoint presentations, client participation. Exercises and worksheets, role play, and video.

Some of the topics addressed include but not limited to;

  • Understanding ADHD and what it means for you and your child
  • Managing boundaries and avoiding confrontations
  • Specific parenting strategies to help children and young people with ADHD
  • Recognising and responding to your child’s emotional needs
  • Anticipating difficult situations and the use of rewards and consequences in managing behaviour.
  • Looking after yourself and coping in difficult times

What are the benefits of this ADHD Parenting Class?

  • Our parenting classes are engaging, experiential  and reflective you will take away specific skills and strategies you can use at home in a myriad of situations.
  • You will  have more insight in ADHD  and how this effects child development, helping you to gain a better understanding of your child.
  • Sharing experiences and socialising with parents who also have children with ADHD can help you develop and share ideas.

When and where are ADHD Parenting Classes  this held?

We run the workshop once a month. You can join us online by zoom or come into our office.

For more info or to register click or call us at 866-503-7454