Our Services

Our services include the following:
After School Drop In Programs (Ages 4-12)
Our after school drop in Programs are geared for kids 4- 12 years of age. These are 1.5 hours of interactive classroom time dedicated to teaching social emotional skills. Each day a new topic is addressed with accompanying exercises and techniques and well as homework assignments.
Youth Weekend workshops (Ages13-18)
Our Youth weekend workshops are practical and dynamic. These workshops are experiential which gives young people an opportunity to practice real life social emotional scenarios. Students engage in discussions, group activities, role plays and other types of activities. All participants receive a manual. These workshops are offered bi-weekly.
Professional Development Workshops for Educators
Our Professional Development workshops for educators are interactive, experiential half-day or full day learning platforms dedicated to helping teachers and other professionals gain the necessary skills to help students with Social and Emotional Skills. This includes helping teachers themselves expand their understanding of child therapy and Social-Emotional Learning, identify vulnerable students and navigate through the problem-solving process with the right tools and resources.
Customized and personalized programs
If our general classes are not an ideal fit for your child, we can create customized Programs that will meet the unique needs of your child. This may include individual sessions with a child therapist, additional classes on specialized topics as well as home visits. If your child meets the criteria for customization, your Positive Kids provider will let you know.
Counselling and Coaching
Our counseling programs allow young people to confide personal and intimate details of their struggles with a professional child therapist. Counseling can be done on an individual or group basis. Counseling is ideal for young people who are committed to the process, as well as comfortable sharing intimate portraits of their lives during child therapy sessions.
Book And Resources
We have books and resources for parents who want an extension of our program to practice at home or in the school setting. Check out our store for amazing books and resources on Social-Emotional Skills.
All our young people must undergo an initial assessment to help gauge which areas in our child therapy curriculum we need to focus on. These assessments are an evaluation of your child’s thoughts, behaviors and feelings for purposes of determining whether such qualities may contribute to challenges for your child.<br /> This assessment is the first step in evaluating whether your child will function in our general program or needs a customized program.
Our camps create a FUN, SAFE environment for children to tackle common child therapy issues on Social and emotional learning. Children are encouraged to try new ways of problem-solving and to step out of their boundaries in a physically and emotionally safe and supported environment. Our parents trust the camp (and counselors) with the safety of their child and expect a safe, caring, nurturing environment. Our campers range in age from 4 to 18. You can expect campers from a vast array of backgrounds at camp. It really does make for a unique blend of cultures and personalities! Check our promotional material for upcoming scheduled camps and registration details in the Toronto area.<br />
Parenting Classes
Parenting classes are courses provided to assist parents in caring for their children. Whether you have been mandated to take these courses or simply feel like you need assistance or direction in navigating though parenthood, we can assist. These courses benefit the entire family unit and allow all individuals to work together as a system.

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