Crucial Traits Toronto Child Therapists Need

Crucial Traits Toronto Child Therapists Need

Crucial Traits Toronto Child Therapists Need


The best child therapists in Toronto possess certain traits that make them excellent choices for parents and families seeking professional guidance. They may work for agencies, schools, or have their own private practice as long as they are duly licensed and certified to counsel children.

Trust is the foundation of the therapist-child relationship. An inherent capability in gaining and maintaining trust of parents and children can lead to a comfortable working relationship. This is vital because very personal and sensitive information is often shared to an otherwise complete stranger. Of course, the therapist must always practice privacy and confidentiality throughout and beyond the sessions.


Counseling children requires particular traits in order build and maintain trust, which is the cornerstone of healing and improvement. The therapist must be exceptional in identifying and addressing various psychological issues in children, such as abuse, psychological disorders, special needs, trauma, learning disabilities, and bullying.

Communication is VERY important in therapy. Therapists must be good at communicating with different people, including the child, his parents and support system, teachers, and other caregivers or health professionals involved with the child. Most crucial, though, is his ability to get through to the child, as well as his ability to listen to what he says and what his body language and facial expressions say. Listening and talking to children also require a lot of empathy and patience.

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Toronto Child Therapists Are Understanding and Have Expertise

The therapist must be masterful in child issues that his clients may face. More importantly, he must be knowledgeable in dealing with these issues effectively. A child might have struggles with learning, for example. This case will require a psychologist who is specialized in coping strategies that can be applied in the classroom.

This also refers to the ability to know what to watch out for when listening and conversing to the child. He should be able to ask the right questions and assess the information he is given.

Toronto Child Therapists Need Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm in this sense refers to the innate desire to care for children’s needs and welfare. Therapists who possess this are naturally kind and upbeat, making them comfortable with concepts such as play and art therapy. An adult who is enthusiastic can help children have fun during therapy, get through to your child, and obtain progress in identifying and addressing issues.

When you are looking for a child therapist in Toronto, be sure to make a checklist of these traits. Qualifications on paper are not enough. The personality and character of the therapist matters a lot, too.

Our Child Therapists Are the Best in Toronto

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