What to do when Your Child is experiencing bullying.

It’s absolutely heart wrenching to hear your child come home from school and tell you that some other child has been bullying them. Your first thought is “How dare that child touch my baby”. This is one of the most difficult situations a parent can find themselves in.  One on hand, you want to teach […]

How to deal with an Overly Emotional Child

Oh NO.. Not Again  We’ve all been there.  Your emotional  child has showered themselves with their tears- they won’t stop crying. – and they won’t let up. Sometimes we can’t help but roll our eyes or cover our ears with all the crying…again for the third time of the day. It becomes frustrating and overwhelming […]

Discussing Divorce or Separation with your child

Discussing Divorce and Separation One of the most difficult conversations you will ever have with your child will be on the topic of “divorce or separation. Most parents try to avoid discussing divorce and separation altogether or simply pretend that there is no elephant in the room. Even though children may not understand the circumstances […]

Finding the Right ADHD tutor for your child

Finding the Right ADHD Tutor for your Child I’d like to high five all the parents that have taken the time and energy to find resources to meet their child’s social, mental and emotional needs.  You could have ignored it, or said you were too busy… but NO… you understand that the investment in your […]

Are you frustrated with the constant calls from your child’s teacher?

What to do when your Child’s Teacher calls you! No parent wants to get that call.. at least the one that says Mr./Mrs.… I think there’s a problem! If you are a parent who has had to walk this journey, there are some points to kee p in mind.  As difficult as it is to […]