Positive Kids Tutoring

  • The word tutor has become avery commonterm in this day and age. Children from all walks of life benefit from having the expertise that an accomplished tutor can provide. Whether it’s to establish an early foundation for academic success or to assist a student in areas where he or she may be lacking, it has become a “must have” for many families today. Many changes have taken place in the last 20 years within the school system. The school curriculum has changed, goals and ideas of success has changed, social and emotional culture has changed, and parents and students have to keep with these changes.
  • For children who struggle with social and emotional skills, the idea of utilizing a tutor becomes a little bit more complicated. Parents have to take into account the unique needs of thechild and ask themselves the following questions.
  1. What cognitive, emotional or social deficits does my child have that could affect their academic success?
  2. How do these deficits affect how my child learns or takes in information?
  3. Is my tutor/provider sensitive to these unique needs of my child?
  4. Is my tutor himself/herself emotionally intelligent to act as a model for my child during the teaching process?
  5. Does my tutor belong to an agency that can advocate for my child within the school system should the need arise?
  6. Does my tutor understand the psychological implications of the social or emotional issues my child may be struggling with?
  • These are key questions you must ask yourself before sourcing a tutor for your child. Not any ordinary tutor will do if your child displays any of the following symptoms
  1. Your child has a learning disability
  2. Your child has been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD
  3. Your child exhibits behavioral problems
  4. Your child is shy and reserved
  5. Your child struggles with focusing and attention
  6. Your child struggles with boredom
  7. Your child struggles with fear or anxiety
  8. Your child has experienced bullying or has bullied others
  9. Your child has problems with motivation
  10. Your child displays aggression or extreme passiveness
  11. Your child has a difficult time expressing themselves
  12. Your child has outbursts of anger or tantrums
  13. Your child is extremely quiet or anti-social
  14. Your child is extremely intelligent but lacks social skills
  • Your tutor will be a significant part of your child’s life at least for some time. Every child is unique in how she or she learns and as a parent; it is your responsibility to be proactive by asking a tutor the right questions. Positive Kids has taken the necessary steps in developing a roster of Tutoring professionals
  • Who have been given special training in working with children who may struggle with the issues above.  In addition to being competent academictutors, they‘ve also gained a greater understanding of the emotional and social variables in that support your child’s success!


Do Positive Kids tutors teach at different levels?

  • Our positive kids tutors are specialized to tutor at different levels from the ages of 4 to 18. Our Specialized tutors provide a tailored experience to suit the unique needs of each student. Our tutors start by developing an Individual Tutoring Plan (ITP)to determine the goals and needs of your child.

What experience do Positive Kids tutors have?

  • All Positive Kids Tutors are required to have relevant teaching or tutoring experience. Many of our tutors are actually qualified teachers and others have specialized degrees in their area of expertise. All of our Positive Kids providers must complete Social and Emotional Skills training so they have an understanding of the issues they may be confronted with.

How do you know children will be safe with your private tutors?

  • All of our private tutors do a criminal background check which we check very closely. We do our own internal assessments to make sure our tutors are in fact professional and dependable and trustworthy.

What is the next step in moving forward?

  • Call us at 1-866-503-7454 for a free phone consultation to see if a positive Kids tutor will be right for your child.